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Platform updates and developments in 2023

We are developing the Cities of Learning platform in close collaboration with educational providers, business organisations and institutions using our services. We regularly involve end-users in testing prototypes and new features released on the platform.

Below is a summary of major releases and improvements during 2023.

  • Improved users' language detection to offer language-specific content.
  • Improving rights and permissions for Organisers owners to manage activities.

  • Improving the use of 360-degree skills assessment functionality and users’ experience.
  • Merging skills in competence assessment models and skills tags.
  • Improving the accuracy of an organiser and activity stats and reporting.
  • Integrating a rich-text solution on generated certificates.
  • Possibility to configure a default language for a platform.
  • Default content and layout of platform’s footer.
  • Making available several new competence models for use in assessment and skills tags.
  • Possibility to give rights and permissions to use competence assessment models by several organisers.
  • Improving Badge Wallet App map, search, sort and filter functionality.
  • Updating Badge Wallet App’s style to new version.

  • Possibility to view detailed user progress pages on activity and organiser levels.
  • Use unique notifications to trigger learners and organisers' engagement. Read more.
  • Released the Cities of Learning native blog posting engine.
  • Badge Wallet App users can find activities and playlists using the global search bar.
  • Badge Wallet App users can find activities by navigating the location-based interactive map.
  • Release of external feedback feature for 360-degree skills assessment.

  • Verified organisers page to see a list of verified organisations using platform.
  • Release of skills self-assessment feature for 360-degree skills assessment.
  • Release of goals setting feature for 360-degree skills assessment.
  • Improving endorsement feature and functionality.
  • Possibility to ask and issue endorsements on Organiser, Activity and Badge levels.
  • Released public pages customisation engine.
  • Improving Badge Wallet App accessibility.

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Platform updates and developments in 2023
Badgecraft hosts this platform and develops it together with leading educational organisations. The European Union's programme Erasmus+ granted co-funding for building the first version of this platform. Contact support@badgecraft.eu.
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